Hello my name is Calvin Thompson I am so glad to meet you and be a part of an extraordinary emerging paradigm because there is a shift occurring in the atmosphere and like countless others I am excited to be a part of it.  If there was ever a time or a need to be delivered now is the time. The greater part of the process is to embrace a mind set that will facilitate change. As it is written God can do no more for you then he can do through you.  We have suffered because of  the thoughts that we have entertained that have lowered the frequency of our existence. My quest is to inspire and motivate others to become empowered and become aware of their intrinsic value that they have which is their birthright as a child of God. To reconcile with their  true purpose in life to lean more on their spiritual gifts and talents and to let them be a new creature in Christ which is their ultimate reality and that they don’t have to suffer needlessly.


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